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Portfolios provide a well-rounded description of students and their abilities and needs and aid collaboration between teams.

Springtime on the school calendar means preparing for transition for many educators and students. Whether the next year will include a new school, a new classroom, or a new teacher, there will be a need to transfer information. Good information is captured within the IEP, progress reports, educational narratives, and medical reports. But imagine if those words were supplemented by visuals, examples, work samples, and a structure that made it a bit easier to find the piece of information you need at a given time. That is precisely why we have been compiling portfolios for our graduating students. These portfolios are not meant to be swallowed whole in one sitting!

They are meant to serve as a resource that can:

  • introduce a student
  • provide more context for understanding the direction of IEP goals and the strategies implemented in order to meet such goals
  • serve as reference material later in the school year
  • help train new staff

Information can be sought out as needed. Our portfolios are organized into eight sections:

  • Introduction and Table of Contents
  • At-A-Glance Information (condensed report information)
  • Instructional Strategies (supporting communication and academics; work samples)
  • Social/Academic Participation (Social Networks information; peer involvement; participation planning)
  • Technology (device information; common tasks and troubleshooting; software)
  • Equipment List (recommendations and ordering information)
  • Correspondence
  • Notes