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Participation Planning

Do you find yourself wondering about any of the following concerning a student using AAC?

  • How do we get her/him involved in a particular class?
  • How do we move her/his AAC to the next level?
  • How do we communicate our plan for supporting AAC needs to the parents?
  • How do we make sure everyone (including subs) is on the same page when it comes to supporting AAC?

If these types of questions resonate with you, consider taking advantage of our participation planning services. We realize there are a lot of strategies and tools to implement with students using AAC. It is not reasonable for everything to be up and running on the first day of school. Often, students need time to adjust to the new year/setting as well. However, with careful planning, skills can be built strategically and in ways that make both staff and student feel successful. Participation planning involves the process of looking at the student, educational environments, communication opportunities, key partners, and determining the communication strategies and vocabulary on which to focus. The Transition Team is available to:

  • discuss background information in order to pinpoint key concerns and goals
  • facilitate the process of outlining a feasible, flexible plan for supporting the student’s AAC that can grow with the student throughout the year
  • engage in follow-up sessions to monitor the plan and make necessary changes