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Organization is natural to some and a struggle for others. It also takes on many different styles. However, an organized approach to AAC and AT support can provide stability and clear expectations for staff, consistency for students, and clarity for administrators and parents.

When considering how to better organize your approach to AAC and AT, do you:

  • Feel frustrated?
  • Seek new ways to organize your efforts?
  • Feel like you could be more efficient and effective?
  • Have ideas but lack the time to develop or implement them?

Most people want to be organized, but struggle with setting aside the time for it. The Transition Team is available to assist you in developing tools and strategies for organizing:

  • IEP implementation
  • Staff resources
  • Student strategies
  • General education environment
  • Software and setups
  • Communication with other staff, including general education staff
  • Communication between school and home
  • Classroom materials

This collaboration may take the form of logs, coversheets, schedules, binders, strategies, meeting agendas, or data collection.