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Two heads are better than one. Co-teaching allows both parties to support each other and try new things.

Are you interested in trying out some new teaching strategies? Would you like to discover new ways to incorporate a speech generating device or other assistive technology into your lessons? Are you struggling with how to encourage the participation of a student using AAC? Sometimes, itís nice to use the buddy system! One of the hardest things about incorporating new information into practice is finding the time to plan and then reassess the implementation. At The Bridge School, we have benefited greatly from our team teaching model between a special educator and speech-language pathologist. We also benefit from visits from experts in the field who work with us in our classrooms to try out new ideas and provide feedback on how to proceed once they are gone. If only they could stay a little longer sometimes! When it comes to the Transition Team, we can stay a little longer. We can be available to:

  • Brainstorm ways to implement new ideas into what you are already doing
  • Co-plan lessons incorporating new strategies or tools
  • Model teach lessons that you would like to see in action before attempting yourself
  • Co-teach new lesson ideas for which you would like the extra support in the classroom
  • Observe lessons and afterward, brainstorm new ideas, improvements, and successes

We don’t have any magic tools or skills to guarantee a simple and seamless process for merging new ideas into current practice. However, we have appreciated the extra support for this in our organization and would like to offer the same to the teams supporting our graduates.