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Sample Partner-Assisted Scanning (Live Voice) Script

The underlined choice represents the one the student selected. This can be used as a template for creating your own scripts!

Setting the Stage

Here is an example between familiar communication partners. The student has more than one way (e.g., eyes up, using vocalization, etc.) for indicating a preference and can determine which one is best for a given situation.

Partner: I want to know about your vacation. Let me give you some choices. How would you like to let me know what your choice is?

Student: (shows eyes up)

Partner: Oh, I see you’re showing me eyes up. I will be watching for that then. So, how was your vacation? Fun, boring, or Okay?

Student: Fun / Boring / Okay

Partner: What did you do that made it fun? Hung out at home, visited relatives, went on a trip.

Student: Hung out at home / Visited relatives / Went on a trip

Partner: Where did you go on your trip? Drove to Disneyland, flew to Hawaii, drove to Lake Tahoe.

Student: Drove to Disneyland / Flew to Hawaii / Drove to Lake Tahoe

Partner: Wow, that sounds like fun!

Adapted from Buzolich & King (unpublished Auditory Scanning manuscript); Russell (Live Voice Auditory Scanning, Partner-Assisted Auditory Scanning, 2002).

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