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Transition extends the mission of The Bridge School by:

  • Providing support to children graduating from our educational program
  • Guiding families in the process of transitioning from Bridge to their home school districts or other educational placements
  • Documenting effective education and communication strategies for each child
  • Offering collaborative services to district personnel to ensure successful participation for our students
  • Developing tools and strategies to support effective transition for students

The Role of Transition: From Start to Finish The Transition Team plays a critical role in students' programs from their initial enrollment in The Bridge School until they have completed their education in their home school districts or other educational placements. As our students move beyond school age, Transition expands its support to community-based programs and other aspects of adult life.

Multi-Modal CommunicationAAC is not just about one particular strategy or tool, but rather the use of every communication mode possible. We all use multiple modes to express ourselves. Here you will find a repertoire of communication strategies that may be uniquely combined as a part of an individual's AAC system.

Self-Determination Program — The Bridge School Self-Determination Program provides students with the necessary tools and supports to become causal agents in their own lives through informed decision-making, thoughtful planning and persistent action to achieve their goals.

Strategies for Success — Critical to the success of any student is the ability to demonstrate the strengths of that student and the understanding of the modifications necessary for active and meaningful participation in an educational program.

Student Portfolios — Examples of our multimedia portfolios document effective instructional and communication strategies and assistive technology used with each student.

Toolbox — Here you will find a variety of ideas for planning, organizing, implementing AAC and AT in the classroom and beyond. This section describes and illustrates tools that we have found helpful in supporting students with complex communication needs and includes participation planning forms, visual reference materials, assessments, and CD resources. These materials are intended to assist teams in addressing a wide range of student profiles.

Transition Service Packages — These are samples of the services we provide for the educational teams of Bridge School graduates. Although these services are available specifically to those teams, we welcome anyone to browse through the information to better understand the range of services needed for successful transitions of students across educational environments.

Transitioning from School to Adulthood — Strategies on preparing students to be involved, developing a plan, information on an Individual Transition Plan, and how to measure success.

Framing A Future (FAF) — FAF is a tool designed to assist students/young adults who use AAC, their families, and professionals in identifying preferences, interests and needs as they begin preparing for the transition from school based programs to a post school setting.

Alumni in Action — What's happening with our Alumni.
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