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Classroom Strategies

This publication supports our vision to "promote the universal inclusion of children with severe speech and physical disabilities" by identifying, compiling and sharing those unique strategies and/or key components that have led to our students' success.

Teaming Process icon

The Teaming Process [PDF 848KB]
The goal of this publication is to address issues specific to teams involved in the lives of children with special needs. Different team models and ways to make your team the best it can be are discussed. Practical supports includes worksheets to determine the priorities of families in information sharing, action plans, and reporting forms.

Vision and AAC icon

The Vision & AAC [PDF 1.9MB]
The goal of this publication is to provide a better understanding of the characteristics of visual impairment and its impact and implications for people who have complex communication needs. Specific information about the range of visual impairments is provided. Additionally, a form for developing a visual profile is provided to support practical and informed decision-making regarding the presentation of visual information. Case studies and resources complete the publication with concrete examples for reference and further study.

Framing a Future icon

Framing a Future (Newsletter and Tool) [PDF 1.3MB]
Framing a Future (Tool Only) [PDF 452KB]
Planeando Mi Futuro (Framing A Future Tool Only in Spanish) [PDF 541KB]
The goal of this publication is to provide information about the incredibly complex transition from school-age to adulthood. Information about developing self-determination and active participation in life plans is provided in concrete terms with case studies and other examples. The planning tool, Framing A Future, is provided to assist you and the person who uses AAC to open a discussion about individual interests and preferences.

The Framing A Future section of the Web site has in-depth information on the process, the tool, implementation, accommodation and modification strategies, video examples, case studies and references.