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Communication Games 2008

Camp News Day 1

camp logo for 2008 communication games

Today Campers arrived at the Building Bridges Camp at Camp Harmon in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They joined Trainers who arrived yesterday to begin learning more about Augmentative, Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology.

This summer the camp is being transformed into the Communication Games. Campers are competing in Olympic style games focused on areas of communication function. Take a look at pictures of the coaches working with the trainers in preparation. There are also many pictures of Communication Games athletes arriving at the venue. Make sure to check back every day for more coverage of the Communication Games.

Camp News Day 2

camp logo for 2008 communication games

Greetings from the first day of competition at the Building Bridges Communication Games. We had a great day sharing information. Our teams got together this morning and introduced themselves and developed team names. A representative from our youngest team shared critical information about how her team developed names.

Teams to look for throughout the week include: Hatchi Granola Love, The Dancing Spinning Ice Creams, SantaSaha, TENOKIROOCSEAK, and the not to be missed - mickeymousebonjourchairtreeflagdodomayanjumpsuperpurpleleaf!

Camp News Day 3

camp logo for 2008 communication games

We are back with the latest news from the Communication Games. Today's events included the the Jokes Competition. The teams shared jokes and pulled pranks. There was a great deal of laughing and groaning. We have a special interview with a leader in the Jokes rounds. This afternoon the athletes were able to relax with tye-dying and swimming. Check back for tomorrow's news update!

Camp News Day 4

camp logo for 2008 communication games

Hello Again, from the KBBC sports desk. The Communication Games were very exciting today! Refuse was the communication function of the day and each team organized a protest. There were calls for MORE ICE CREAM! LESS BUGS! from one corner. Another team wanted to eliminate wasted time spent on dressing and washing faces. And 2 teams were split down the middle. And one group exerted their rights by not telling us at all. We continue to have wonderful weather and exciting times in the afternoon. Check back tomorrow for more news!

Camp News Day 5

camp logo for 2008 communication games

Hello Communication Fans! Today’s competition was all about the CAPTURE! Teams worked together to obtain items using powers of persuasion and questioning. Teams shared that they got sunglasses and items to make smoothies. Two teams required the sports announcers to guess what they obtained. TENOKIROOCSEAK captured the gold! Swimming was once again a popular afternoon activity. And everyone is looking forward to the Communication Games Dance tonight.

Camp News Day 6

camp logo for 2008 communication games

Welcome back to our continuing coverage of the Communication Games. Today’s event was Sharing Information. Teams worked together to share information with visitors to the games. The closing ceremonies were an exciting and raucous spectacle. This is the final broadcast from the KBBC Sports Desk for this year. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the 2008 Communication Games.

See you next year!