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Students in Action

In November and December our students are learning about transportation. They are learning about the topic from a number of perspectives. They have read many books with transportation themes both fiction and non-fiction. During recreation they have been playing with moving themselves in space including using walkers and swings. During art the students made a great painting of their tracks. Students picked a mobility mode and if they wanted to paint barefoot or with shoes. They then ran through the paint of their choice and made a group painting.

Seven kids painting on one canvas!

Bulletin board of “Things that go!”

Collin prefers keeping his shoes on for painting.

Alex takes a turn on the road.

Drew is pink all the way above her knees.

Peter watches the photographer while Elisabeth aims for the red paint.

Tyler had fun making shoe prints.

Hannah is making green footprints.

Will makes his move towards the red paint.

The completed painting!

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