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Students in Action

The Bridge Kids have kicked off the New Year by learning, playing, and exploring new things. Playing scientist and Jungle safari sparked the enthusiasm of the preschool group. The students loved participating in the experiments, especially the baking soda volcanoes and oil and vinegar tornados. They all enjoy the different songs and group times learning about colors. Jungle safari is one of the favorite themes because the students get fully engaged making paper snakes, wearing animals masks, and pretending to be on a safari. If you walked by classroom 1 you were likely to hear lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Classroom 2 started the New Year ’on the rocks’ – that’s the science unit they are studying! The Bridge Kids have had a blast as they learned about all about rocks, practiced categorizing them, collecting and sharing them. They all completed their science journals and are excited to bring them home and share their hard - work with their families. The students always look forward to drama class with Ms. Holly because students dream –up, direct and act out emotions and silly scenes. The students have even directed teachers to be in their skits. Sports Friday is an all time favorite. Team Bridge School has learned about baseball, football, and recently, hockey! They have learned about the games, the rules, equipment, even victory dances. They all anticipate skills practice and doing The Bridge School cheer to finish the day. The Bridge Kids love being part of a team.

Raul puts together his science journal, he loved learning about rocks and making his own collection.

Collin turns in his completed work to his science teacher Ms. Caitlin.

Raul, Ms. Lindsay, Roman, and Ms. Lynda practice their hockey during afternoon sports.

Raul and Ms. Holly are the directors of a funny skit during an afternoon session of drama.

Jackie explores what is buried in the dirt, she loved playing scientist and especially doing all of the experiments.

Ms. Lindsay hands the ball off to Roman during afternoon sports. Roman has THE best touchdown dance!

Abigail does the weather chart and announces that it is sunny.

Savannah loves to count how many students are at school.

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