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Students in Action

As the weather got colder the Bridge kids turned up the heat by working and playing hard inside. The preschool learned about community helpers like fire fighters, mail carriers, police officers, and their favorite, bus drivers. They each took turns driving the fire truck, delivering each other mail, writing tickets, and driving our large pop-up bus around the classroom. Some of the preschool students chose to play music, to work on cooking projects, to get messy creating art, or to look through books, regardless of their choice, everyone was busy! Classroom 2 was no exception. The students worked hard on math, reading, writing, and using their talkers and other AAC equipment. The students looked forward to their afternoon sessions where they learned about Native American traditions involving dance, games, cooking, and history. The students really enjoyed creating their own hoop dances and acting out the legend of “How The Bridge School got its Rainbow.” The Bridge kids have not let the cold weather get them down, it’s just inspired them to do more, and stay warm! Happy Winter everyone!

Abigail loves to to use her hands to paint. Squishing the paint between her fingers is a favorite activity!

Expect this duo at one of The Bridge School Benefit Concerts! Jet and Adam are getting their act ready for the road.

Postman Adam never lets sleet, snow, rain or cold slow down his mail service.

Collin worked hard to finish math so he could go play.

Raul finished his work just in time for lunch.

Aidan worked hard on spelling. He loves learning new letters.

Jackie helps Ms. Caitlin make her favorite snack - pancakes!

Jet decided to do a 'picture walk' using his talker.

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