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Students in Action

At The Bridge School, we are all writers! Several times a week the students participate in a Writerís Workshop. Writerís Workshop at The Bridge School is the time where we focus on writing and sharing our written work. Each aspect of the writing process is explored- from planning, to writing, revising, and publishing and sharing. First, students pick what they want to share in their writing that day. They choose a picture to anchor their topic, and then they write and say more. Each student has a lot to share! At the end of the week, students select their favorite piece of writing to share with the class in the Authorís Chair. Bridge School students love to be in the Authorís Chair!

Roman writes about Batman with the help of an adapted computer keyboard.

Ms. Caitlin gives a mini-lesson about sharing in the Authorís Chair.

Collin loves to print and publish his written work!

Ms. Elisa helps Job pick what words and ideas he wants to share in his writing.

Joey and Ms. Lindsay decorate the classroom Authorís Chair poster.

Ms. Holly helps Jack get his ideas down on paper.

Cannon and Ms. Janelle talk about his writing.

Jack wrote about his trip to the dentist. He shares his piece with Ms. Sasha.

Ms. Caitlin helps Roman brainstorm new writing topics.

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