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Students in Action

This month the Bridge kids went on the annual ice skating trip at the Winter Lodge. The preschool was so excited about the trip that they made a count down on their classroom calendar. The elementary and middle school classrooms watched different ice skating clips to help get ready for the big day. When the Bridge kids arrived at the ice skating rink, they were all wearing coats, beanies, mittens, and big smiles. Skates check! Walkers check! Ready, set, go! Students and staff raced around the rink, playing tag, spinning, and even skating backwards. Ice skating continues to be the staff and students' favorite field trip!

Will and Ms. Susanne sing and skate around the rink.

Abigail shows off her ice skates!

Roman and Cannon take a break on the ice.

Elizabeth leans back and enjoys racing around the ice.

Roman looks up to watch the snow fall from the sky!

Raul hangs out in the falling snow.

Jack and Ms. Mahea laughing, playing tag!

Cannon and Ms. Jenny were dancing on the ice!

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