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Students in Action

The holiday season was busy for the Bridge kids. Thanksgiving included cooking a feast, writing about what they are thankful for and performing the play “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush”.

We had our annual bake sale to raise money to buy gifts for Toys for Tots and it was great. The kids loved selling the baked goods and had a fun time at the mall picking out toys. When the firemen came to school to pick up the toys, the kids were in awe of the firefighters and the truck. Each Bridge kid had a chance to sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive the truck. It was awesome!

During Christmas time Santa stopped by to hand out gifts. The Bridge kids took turns sitting on Santa’s lap and opening presents. It was a perfect way to get ready for Christmas break.

Drew is moving back to Washington, so student’s, staff and friends said their goodbyes to Drew. We had a dance party in her honor and all of the kids boogied to their favorite music.

Happy New Year!

Cannon gets a new toy from Santa.

Job made a great Little Gopher in the Thanksgiving play.

Drew and Jack boogied down at Drew’s farewell dance party.

Joey gets ready for the holidays by cooking an apple pie.

Drew tap-danced her way to graduation!

Ms. Vicki and Santa show Joey his new toy.

Abigail and Ms. Dana test out the front seat of the fire truck!

Raul hangs out with one of the firemen that came to pick up the barrel of toys!

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