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Students in Action

When The Bridge kids returned to school, they were excited to find a completely remodeled playground. The playground is accessible so the students are able to go onto the surface in their wheelchairs and walkers. The play structure has ramps, so they can more readily interact with each other and North school friends. They have been having a blast running up and down the ramps and making music with the bells and drums. The first few weeks of school were hot, so students found different ways to keep cool with water activities. Some students even made self- portraits to show how much they have changed over the summer. The school year is off to a great start!

Job checks out the view from the top of the play structure.

Cannon surprises the rest of the preschool by splashing them with water.

Abigail and Ms Lindsay test out how fast they can go on the new slide.

Roman keeps cool by running through the sprinklers.

Aidan enjoys his first ride on the new swings!

Trevor wastes no time getting dirty digging in the new sandbox.

Abigail tests the water for the rest of the preschool.

Raul is proud of his self-portrait.

Colin and Ms. Mahea run up the new playground ramp.

Jack loves to show off his artwork.

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