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Preschool Weekly Themes

Adapted from Language Focused Curriculum (LFC).  Proposed schedule follows the monthly sequence and includes holiday activities for appropriate week.

Our adapted schedule repeats a daily lesson plan for a week.


Back to School & Water Play

Will is playing at the beach.

Dive in, watch out for the crab!

Will is going to play with the water in the sink.

Abigail is helping with the dishes.


House, Veterinarian, Doctor

“Lucky” needs a check up!


Restaurant, Concert, Halloween


Fall, Scientist, Thanksgiving, Service Station

We tasted different apples and made a taste chart.

We worked hard to make apple pies.

The best part was getting to eat the pies!

We learned all about different insects.

You don’t really think I'm going to touch that, do you?

The Insect Zoo came to visit. This insect had a ga-zillion legs.

We were “stars” in a Thanksgiving Play about pilgrims and Indians.

Our families watched the play.

We made yummy pumpkin pies for everyone.


Shopping Mall/Toy Store

We had a bake sale to raise money for Toys for Tots.

We took BART to the mall to buy toys.

When the firemen came to get the toys, we got to sit in the fire truck. That was my favorite part!!!


Birthday Party, Bakery, Winter, Camping

We went to Ms Dana’s mom’s bakery.

Making cookies is really hard work.

These are ready for the oven.

We went camping in our classroom. We had a tent, sleeping bags, and a camp fire.

We roasted marshmellows. This was my favorite part – eating them!

After our winter break, we shared our stories with the class. Abagail had a great time in the snow with her family.

Help! I'm all bundled up and I can’t move!


Doctor, Grocery Store, Construction Worker

We learned all about what doctors do. We got to listen to our heartbeats. Awesome!


Farm/Garden, Movie Theatre, Jungle Safari



Jungle Safari, Pizza Parlor, Space Exploration



Spring, Firefighters, Community Helpers, Service Station



Summer, Beach/Ocean

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