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Standards-based Preschool Program

Abigail is camping!

The Bridge School offers a comprehensive preschool curriculum for students ages 3-6 years. Our curriculum is aligned with California Department of Education’s Preschool Learning Foundations. We implement our own adaptation of the research based Language-focused Curriculum for Preschool (Bunce, 2008). In doing so, we focus intensively on our students’ active participation in all curricular activities. This involves the systematic use of individualized accommodations and assistive technologies, including AAC and a wide range of customized seating, positioning, access, and mobility approaches. The physical classroom environment has been specially designed and engineered to accommodate our students’ ability to gain access to the various activity areas of the classroom and garden.

Will plays with the water during center time.


Our preschool program runs from 8:30-12:30, Monday through Friday.

Staffing and services

The preschool program is regularly staffed by a full time speech-language pathologist, a full time special education teacher with certification in PHI (Physical Health Impairment), and three highly trained instructional assistants.  We also provide assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering services to ensure access to education and communication tools and occupational therapy to address seating, positioning, and mobility needs.  Our experienced consultants provide support services directly to students within ongoing curricular activities in the classroom. The primary goal of all support services is to promote each student’s participation and learning within the context of rich preschool curricular activities. Our consultants work as an integral part of our educational team and do not pull students out of class for services.

Take a look at The Bridge School Preschool Curriculum in Action

We're learning all about transportation!

Joey uses his low tech communication board to talk to Ms. Holly.

During outside time, the preschoolers are in their walkers.

Aidan and Ms. Sasha work on his "school to home" news.

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