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Activities and Ideas

Shark-Bitten Surfer


(back) Gnarly, dude!


  • Egg shell mattress cover (just a piece of one)
  • Non-toxic gray, white and red paint
  • Styrofoam boogey board
  • Surfer Accessories


This is a very easy costume to make with lots of accessories that can be used to add to the surfer look. Because it was Halloween and Clay wanted to make it somewhat scary, he wanted to have shark biting his leg.

To make the shark we used a piece of an eggshell mattress with the smooth side facing out. This material is easy to cut, works well with a glue gun and can be painted.

First make a paper pattern for the body and fins. Plan your shark to be able to wrap around the child's leg. We used a combination of the glue gun and duct tape to build the shark. Paint the shark, as you want; i.e., gray body, white teeth, and blood in the mouth. We used a permanent marker for the eyes and gills. To give the shark attack look, use an electric knife to cut out a bite out the surfboard. The board can be attached with a bunjie or may just fit between the handlebars. We had a friend that made a woody frame for Clay's wheelchair and we topped it with a 'SURF'S UP' license plate.

Clay had a great time in this costume. He looked so cool and, best of all, was really comfortable.

Remember safety when attaching things to the wheelchair. The costume should not interfere with getting the child out quickly.

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