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Activities and Ideas

Halloween Costumes

Ghosts, goblins, and beautiful princesses can be found rolling through the classrooms and across the playground each year on October 31st. Kids in wheelchairs have the chance to not only "dress up" in costumes but to create an entire traveling "scene" for Halloween. Each year, we at The Bridge School wait in anticipation of one special costume, Clay's Halloween costume. Betsy, Clay's mom is an amazing costume creator. Her creativity and clever use of materials make Clay's costumes the hit of the Halloween parade each year. Betsy has compiled her ideas, along with contributions from other Bridge School parents, to create this "how-to" manual. They have generously shared their "secrets" with us, and now with you. Each of our parents has given instructions and materials needed to create some of these wonderful costumes. We hope that with these "tips" and ideas, your little ghost or goblin can roll along the sidewalks of your neighborhood turning heads and sharing Halloween fun with friends and family.

Halloween Costumes for Kids Who Use Wheelchairs

Safety First

Be sure that whatever you attach to the wheelchair can be easily and swiftly removed. Also use nontoxic paints and don't attach sharp objects or things that a child may take off and put in their mouths. Finally, be sure that what you make can fit through a standard door.

Basic Materials for Most Costumes:

  • Exacto knife
  • Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
  • Tape (duct tape works the best)
  • Velcro, thick elastic strips of an old sheet as ties to connect objects to the chair
  • Cardboard-find your local moving company. Used mattress or appliance boxes work well and are inexpensive
  • Toxic free poster paints

To view individual instructions on construction of the costumes below, select a thumbnail below.

Aladdin costume
Biker and Babe costume
Biker and Babe
Bulldozer costume
Chef costume
Cowpoke costume
Crane Operator costume
Crane Operator (Coming Soon)
Crocodile Hunter costume
Croc Hunter
Fireman costume
Fireman (Coming Soon)
Flower garden costume
Flower Garden
George of the Jungle costume
George of the Jungle
Ice Cream Stand costume
Ice Cream Stand (Coming Soon)
King costume
Punk Rock Drummer costume
Punk Rock Drummer
Shark-Bitten Surfer costume
Shark-Bitten Surfer
Superman costume
Kissing Booth costume
Other Ideas
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