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Activities and Ideas

George of the Jungle


  • Chicken wire
  • Approx. 8' light weight rope
  • Brown non toxic poster paint
  • Plastic vine to cover rope
  • Assortment of live fern and leaves
  • Assortment of rubber snakes and lizards
  • Glue mixture of equal parts water and white glue
  • Tarzan costume
  • 2 panels of green felt


After seeing this movie there was no doubt what Clay wanted to be for Halloween this year. Clay has a killer jungle call and lets us hear it often. This was our most elaborate creation yet. To get the full effect of the jungle we made a tree complete with a swinging vine that we attached with a bunjy cord to the back of Clay's chair.

To make the tree we started with a chicken wire form. This is easy to roll and shape for the trunk. We did the same for the branch. We used smaller pieces of chicken wire and connected the branch to the trunk through a hole in the trunk and then fastened it with wire. At this point we fed a long piece of rope up through the tree and out a hole in the branch. The rope is secured at the base of the tree. The wire frame is then covered with strips of newspaper dipped in a watered down glue mixture. You may need two layers. When dry the tree can be painted with poster paint. The "vine rope" can also be stained with poster paint.

The really fun part of this costume was decorating the tree and chair. The tree we glue gunned leaves from bushes in our yard as well as some plastic vines. Clay chose several lizards and snakes from his room to attach as well as a toy orangutan.

For the chair, we velcroed 2 panels of green felt to the sides of his chair. On these we glue gunned ferns and large leaves we had in our yard. These don't stay fresh for more than a day but its much less expensive than the plastic ones.

There are lots of available Tarzan type costumes and fake furs available at fabric stores. Topping this costume off was a hidden tape player connected to a switch that Clay used to turn on the sound track of the movie.

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