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Croc Hunter

Croc Hunter


  • Twin size eggshell mattress
  • Yellow ping-pong balls for the eyes
  • Small piece of cardboard for line mouth
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts for teeth
  • Rubber hand
  • Non-toxic paint: green, tan, and red


  • Fake or real ferns for accenting the wheelchair that can be attached with tape or
  • Plastic ties
  • Rubber snakes
  • Bandage for hand
  • Safari outfit (found in an Army surplus store)


To start the Croc, make a paper pattern using butcher paper to determine the size and shape that you want. The body can be made first and the legs added last or you can cut the legs out with the top piece. Cut 2 bodies and be sure the eggshell is facing out to give the rough pattern for the skin.

Use a glue gun to glue top to bottom, except at the mouth. You will use a lot of glue sticks. I used the scrap eggshell pieces to stuff the body through the mouth.

Cut a small piece of cardboard and bend to fit at the back of the mouth. Glue to keep the mouth open. Cut pieces of packing peanuts to make the teeth and glue into the mouth. Cut ping-pong balls in half and use for eyes. A marking pen can be used to make eye slits.

Clay chose to have his hand bitten off so we glued a fake hand in the croc's mouth and put a bloody bandage around his hand. I actually used a Pringles container and covered it. This way the bandaged hand could be taken off and put back on easily.

To mount the Croc, we used plastic ties. We wrapped the Croc around to give the effect of Clay wrestling with it.

Think safety when attaching the Croc and the accessories (snakes, ferns, etc.) to the wheelchair. Be sure nothing interferes with getting the child in or out of the chair quickly.

She was a beaut! Croc's rule!

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