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Activities and Ideas

The Bulldozer

Watch out!

The construction crew is here.


  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paint
  • Paper towels
  • Tape
  • Twist-ties or string
  • Paper fasteners


1. Wheel covers:
Cut cardboard circles to cover wheels on the wheelchair. Cut notches around the edges to simulate tread. Paint the wheels yellow with black for the rubber. Tie the wheel covers to 3 spokes on each wheel.

2. Scoop/Bucket:
Cut 2 semi-circles of cardboard for the ends of the scoop/bucket. Bend a cardboard rectangle and tape to the ends. Notch the front of the scoop/bucket and paint it black to look like the scraper edge. Cut out arms and attach to scoop/bucket using paper fasteners. Attach arms to armrest hardware using string or twist-ties.

3. Dash:
Use a cardboard box that fits on the tray. Cut it at an angle to leave room underneath for accessories. Paint it black. Paint on a couple of gauges. For gauge needles, you can use a Popsicle stick and paint it red. Attach it to the dash with a paper fastener so that it turns. Cut a hole in the dash for a joystick to fit through from underneath. We also cut a hole in the dash for a voice output switch with a recording for the neighbor kids saying, "Trick or Treat!" Keith had great fun with this. Cut 2 holes in corners of dash for the roof posts.

4. Roof:
The box we used was just wide enough to be supported behind the chair on the seatback brackets, and notched to fit over the headrest hardware. Holes were cut in roof in a grid pattern and the cut edges were taped. Paint it yellow. To make support poles, we used paper towel rolls wrapped with masking tape and painted. Rolled newspapers were inserted for extra strength. The poles were attached to the roof using paper fasteners, and the bottoms of the poles were inserted into the hole cut in the dash.

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