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Activities and Ideas


Aladdin floats through the air!
Aladdin floats on the magic carpet!


  • Cardboard
  • Small inexpensive carpet
  • Fringe (optional)
  • Blue streamers
  • White sweat pants
  • Polyester Fiberfil


Lots of kids were Aladdin or Jasmine this year, but only Clay was flying on his own flying carpet. This costume showed one more use for lap trays as the flying carpet with stuffed legs rested on top of the tray. To give the rug support it was glue gunned to two pieces of sturdy cardboard. The cardboard pieces were cut to the size of the carpet with an opening cut out around the waist. A slit was also cut through all layers of carpet and cardboard to make flaps that could be bent up to allow the carpet to slide easily off. If you want you can also just leave the back open.

To make the legs, stuff sweat pants with fiberfill. Sew or glue gun the patch and sash to pants. Position the stuffed legs folded on the carpet and glue gun in place. You can add other Aladdin objects as you want. I made "genie type" shoes from gold metallic material but they can also be found at costume stores. To give the effect of the sky and to hide the child's real legs, glue strips of blue streamers around the carpet. We actually had some people believe Clay was sitting on top of the carpet.