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About Us

Bridge Builder Endowment Fund


It is difficult to read a newspaper or magazine, listen to a newscast or engage in a conversation about the future without encountering the word 'sustainability' in one context or another. At The Bridge School, when we talk about sustainability, we look at it in terms of the future of The Bridge School and by asking how can we ensure that the services we provide, the innovative strategies we have implemented and the programs we have developed will continue in perpetuity. There is only one answer. We must establish an endowment fund that, when invested, earns enough to cover the annual operating expenses of The Bridge School. Currently the Bridge Benefit Concert raises half of our operating budget each year. The remaining funds covered by tuition paid by our students' school districts, individual and agency donors, and grants. An endowment will ensure a reliable, steady income as we continue to address the needs of children with severe physical impairments and complex communication needs.

We are often asked, "What will the endowment funds support?" The following are just examples of how the Bridge Builder Endowment money will be put to use.

Scholarships for the Education Program

This is the heart of The Bridge School. The classrooms are where we implement new and innovative communication and educational strategies with our students. Since not all students are funded by their school districts, the Bridge Endowment Fund will ensure that students who qualify for admission will receive the scholarship funding they need to become a part of The Bridge School family.

Student Support for Transition

Every student who graduates from The Bridge School receives the support services of our experienced transition staff. These services help ensure the inclusion and active participation of our graduates in educational and social environments. One hundred percent of the funds for this program are provided by individual and agency donors.

Scholarships and staff funding for The Building Bridges Camp and Training Institute

This week long camp and training program provides an opportunity for youngsters who use augmentative and alternative communication to practice their communication skills in a pressure-free, fun environment. Adult trainers learn how to work effectively with this student population in educational and social settings. The Endowment Fund can provide scholarships for campers, their siblings and trainers who otherwise could not participate in this rich experience.

Teacher in Residence Program

This global outreach program has had significant impact in the education of children in Mumbia and Kolkata India, Poland, Singapore, Mexico, the Eastern and Western Capes of South Africa and South Korea. The operation of program is entirely dependent on donations. The Endowment Fund will allow us to continue to offer support to these developing countries as they enrich the educational programs for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other physical and communication impairments.

AAC By the Bay Conference

Every other year The Bridge School hosts a professional conference dedicated to educational practices, research and communication interventions for individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication. The Bridge Builder Endowment Fund will ensure that we can continue to expand our profession and disseminate effective intervention strategies for our student population.

The Bridge School Web Site

The most effective way to influence education of children who have limited mobility and who cannot use their speech as their primary means of communication is through the Internet. Our web site requires regular and consistent content development and updates. Endowment funding would give us the resources to expand our outreach, enrich our web site and have a greater impact worldwide.


Yes, but only with your help. You can make a difference in the lives of children that have historically been marginalized, undereducated, or ignored. We have set the bar for providing an education for these children and supporting their families as they deal with the physical challenges imposed by their impairments and the social challenges imposed by society. Join The Bridge School family and help us fulfill our mission and realize our vision by donating to The Bridge Builder Endowment Fund.

Several Different Ways to Contribute to The Bridge School Endowment

Donate Online

click to become a Bridge Builder

Donate by Mail

Send a check to:

The Bridge School
545 Eucalyptus Avenue
Hillsborough, California 94010-6404

Please make your check payable to "The Bridge School". Please indicate Bridge Endowment Fund on your check.

If you have any questions regarding your contribution, please feel free to call The Bridge School at 650-696-7295.

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